The Inner Journey

Mary NurrieStearns


You know you are truly ready when you realize that it is too painful not to then you begin. You embark on an extraordinary voyage, the journey into the inner life. And somewhere, along the way, you recognize that you are wonderfully, truly human. You discover what it is like to be alive, really alive. You realize that there is no where to go! When you come home to who you truly are your heart opens.

Your travels take you into the depths of your soul. You are willing to go because you really don't have a choice. Something is arising within and you are drawn to discover your essence. Yes, there are difficult challenges. You have to go through the veils of unconsciousness that keep you in the dark. However, the yearning to know the Truth will sustain you. The willingness to be illuminated will support you. You simply have to remember that it is too painful to not make the journey.

You have to allow, no matter what, and say "yes". Sensing that you are more than how you appear on the surface, you commit to experiencing all that presents itself to you. You "let go and let God" shine the light of awareness on your emotional, mental and physical bodies. You penetrate into the very core of your existence. In this way, you get to know yourself thoroughly. You discover who you are not as well as who you are.

There is help along the way. You are inherently whole, much vaster than the circumstances of your upbringing or the challenges of your life. Within you is all the intelligence and love needed to heal and reveal the Truth. This is felt and sensed as presence, and is always present. Your mission is to allow the unfolding of whatever comes forth. Give it over to that oceanic quality of presence. Innate wisdom and compassion will show the way. Simply follow. You will discover that this is not self-help or fixing oneself. This is a process of letting go of what is not true. Well worth undertaking, it is a royal path indeed!