Sedona Five Day
Meditation and Yoga Retreat

For Mental Health Care Professionals

5 Day Retreat
Retreat Dates
May 15 - 19 2018 (Tue-Sat) Sedona AZ

Yoga and Meditation Retreat
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Rejuvenate yourself and your healing abilities with an educational retreat near
the majestic mountains of Sedona, Arizona. Earn 20 CE hours in an incredible

Experience the transformational practices of meditation, yoga, self-inquiry, present
moment awareness, self-compassion and noble silence, along with their clinical
applications, in an ideal setting–the beautiful Sedona Mago Retreat Center in
Sedona, Arizona. This is the perfect setting to deepen your learning of both yoga and
meditation! All levels are welcome.

This meditation and yoga retreat is a rich exploration into practices that can cultivate
happiness and healing. We will follow a balanced schedule of meditation, clinical
teachings and group discussion, gentle yoga movement, experiential mindfulness
practices, mindful eating, walking meditation, noble silence and deep rest. We will
journal our responses to inquiry questions, practice emotional regulation skills, learn to
witness thoughts and calm our nervous systems.

To ensure rejuvenation there is plenty of free time for walking, contemplation and
resting. The Sedona Mago Retreat Center offers an exquisite landscape, waterfalls,
garden walks, and healthful, pesco-vegetarian cuisine and stylish accommodation.
At times during the retreat, we will maintain silence to facilitate deep transformation.

meditation, gentle yoga, art therapy
mindfulness practice, spiritual inquiry



Retreat leaders

Mary NurrieStearns, is a psychotherapist and yoga teacher who travels nationally teaching yoga, mindfulness and meditation. She was editor of Personal Transformation magazine and co-author of "Soulful Living," "Yoga for Anxiety," "Yoga for Emotional Trauma," and "Yoga Mind Peaceful Mind." She credits the healing practices of yoga with profound inner healing and lives quietly with Rick in their house in the woods.

Rick NurrieStearns, has been immersed in consciousness studies for more than four decades. For over 20 years he was involved in publishing spiritual and transformational books and magazines. He was the publisher of the magazines "Lotus: Journal for Personal Transformation" and "Personal Transformation," co-editor of the book "Soulful Living," co-author of "Yoga for Anxiety," "Yoga for Emotional Trauma" and "Yoga Mind, Peaceful Mind." Along with his wife Mary, he leads transformational meditation retreats.