Preparing for Retreat

Welcome to the upcoming retreat intensive! When we access the inner most part of who we are, we open to the mystery of life. Within this inner stillness we find deep inner peace.

This retreat is an extraordinary opportunity not to be cluttered with distractions. All that you need is already within you. Allow yourself the time away from your typical doings to truly immerse yourself in being present.


This retreat will be held in social silence, with the exception of visiting time after lunch each day. We are holding the intention to create sacred space as a group so that we can open deeply into the heart of being. There will be guided journal writing to enhance the inward movement as we inquire into truth, who we “think” we are and into the essence of who we “truly” are.


The retreat seeks to be a place of refuge, reflection, and peace. We ask that participants be respectful of the contemplative atmosphere and be mindful of cell phone use and the potential for disturbing others.

What To Bring


  • An afghan, shawl or light blanket to wrap up in during periods of prayer, meditation or contemplation.
  • Walking shoes, so that you can enjoy the beautiful property.
  • A notebook and ink pen for journal writing.
  • A meditation cushion or bench if you have one.
  • For the gentle yoga, bring your yoga mat, yoga props, block and strap−if you have them. There will be a few extra yoga mats and props available.

What Not to Bring

Please leave books, computer, music, business, things to do, alcohol, recreational drugs, etc. at home so that you can truly rest and go inward. Please do not bring candles or incense to burn or scented products. If you travel with a cell phone, we encourage you to refrain from using it while at retreat.

Other than certified service animals, pets are not allowed at the retreat center. Please contact us before you arrive, so we can accommodate you.


The retreat begins with registration on Thursday from 1:30 pm to 3 pm. We ask that guests arrive between those times to check in, get their room and get oriented. Dinner is from 6 pm to 7 pm.

It is important that you arrive on time so that you can receive the retreat orientation instructions. The orientation instructions set the context for the entire retreat.


The schedule for the retreat program:

  • Thursday, 3:30 pm to 9 pm.
  • Friday & Saturday, 7 am to 9 pm.
  • Sunday, 7 am to 1 pm.

Because the schedule is a vital part of the retreat container, we ask that all attendees arrive on time and plan to stay through the end of the retreat.


The retreat ends at 1 pm on Sunday and includes breakfast and lunch. Any unclaimed personal belongings left by guests will be held in the Lost and Found. Please call within a week’s time to let us know you’ve lost a personal belonging. If we haven’t heard from any guests within a week to claim a lost item, that item will be donated to charity.


To make your retreat most enjoyable, please bring comfortable casual clothing to wear. Yoga clothes, shorts and tee shirts are fine. Plan to dress in layers and bring a sweater or sweatshirt so that your body temperature is just right for you. Be sure to bring clothes that are appropriate for walking or hiking so you can enjoy the trails and property.


For the sake of those who are highly sensitive to fragrance, please do not use any perfume or cologne, and please use only unscented, fragrance-free personal hygiene products. Note that many products labeled “natural” or “organic” do not contain fragrance.


If you have special dietary needs, we encourage you to bring any supplemental items you may need. There is a refrigerator and a full kitchen available for guest use. Also if you are a strict vegetarian you may want to bring some supplemental protein foods.

There are water, tea and coffee stations in the lounge; available 24 hours a day. Drinks may be brought to bedrooms, but cups and glasses should be returned to the service kitchen after use.

No food is permitted in the meeting rooms, and only drinks with lids are allowed.

Food Sensitivity

Many meals have dairy, wheat and/or gluten. If you are gluten intolerant options maybe available at every meal and ingredients are listed at the serving tables.

The retreat center is set up to provide meals to groups, not to individuals. Menus are based on what is in season and in the market. Because of this, they are not able to accommodate individual needs. But, because there are many people with food restrictions, they try to offer a simple substitute for the meals.

Guests are invited to bring what they think they will need to supplement their diet. A refrigerator and shelf space is available for storage. A full kitchen is available for guests, with a microwave, toaster and stove. A blender is not available.

Even on a limited diet, most people find they can eat much of what is offered, supplemented with what individuals bring. At breakfast, lunch and dinner meals, a retreatant can go through the buffet taking whatever works for them, then supplement the meal with other foods that one has brought with them.

If a retreatant has a severe allergy, please let our staff know before the retreat so the kitchen can make plans. Also, make sure to bring your EpiPen or an equivalent medicine. Food ingredients will be listed at meals. The kitchen asks us to let anyone with allergies know that they cannot guarantee that certain foods have not been contaminated before arriving on site.


For individuals canceling their attendance for an upcoming retreat the fees are as follows: 31 days or more prior to retreat, $30 cancellation fee. 14-30 days prior to the retreat, $60 fee. Less than 14 days prior to the retreat, no refund.

Our retreats at St Crispin’s are limited to a total of 32 people and we turn away applicants when the rooms are sold out. Fourteen days before the retreat we give our final participant counts to the staff at St Crispin’s and they order food for the entire retreat.

It is in your best interest to be certain of your intention before registering for a retreat.


There are designated smoking areas outside the buildings. No smoking is permitted in the building or anywhere outside other than in the designated area.


There are no phones in guest bedrooms. You can give out St Crispin’s main telephone number to those who may need to reach you: 405-382-1619.

If you get a non-emergency phone call, St Crispin’s will post the message on the guest message board. If you get an emergency message, St Crispin’s will find you and deliver it promptly.


The retreat center overlooks a tranquil lake surrounded by 450 acres of native oak-covered hills. The facility is a modern conference center with hotel style rooms. Each room has two twin beds and a private bathroom.

St. Crispin’s is within easy driving distance of Oklahoma City and Tulsa. There are quiet hiking trails and two large lakes that convey a felt sense of peacefulness, stillness and serenity.

Preparing for Retreat [PDF]

Travel Directions to Retreat at St. Crispin's