This web site contains past articles and features from the magazines, Lotus: The Journal for Personal Transformation and Personal Transformation.

Welcome to our reading room. May your minds be opened and your hearts touched as you browse through the wonderful articles made available here.

There are no known more potent healing agents than love, truth and beauty. Read through these articles and be filled with inspiration and support.

The magazine publishing was the collaborative effort of Rick NurrieStearns and Mary NurrieStearns. The decade of publishing was a reflection of our desire to understand and articulate the process of personal transformation.

In our publication we explored both Eastern and Western approaches to personal and spiritual growth. We featured the leading authors and healers in the emerging field of psycho/spiritual growth. We added depth to the magazine with personal stories of transformation and interviews with leading teachers.

With every publication we were deeply impacted by the material and the people we worked with. Over time we also realized that we selected themes for exploration that reflected our own inner processes.

Publishing the magazine was rigorous and demanding of our time and energy. Although we were deeply impacted, there was little time for thorough digestion of the material. Now, some time later, we look back and are humbled by the compassion and wisdom contained within the magazine pages. We are still digesting.

The material is truly wonderful, not to be discarded as a mere consumer magazine. Therefore, we pulled together a collection of the most powerful and transforming articles from our years of publishing into a book "Soulful Living" (available through Amazon and other book sellers).