Soulful Living

Soulful Living

The Process of Personal Transformation


We are not alone. When we mistakenly think that we are, we can turn to the truth and inspiration in "Soulful Living." This is truly a companion for personal transformation, in all its aspects, from opening to love, to the transition of death, the process of transformation, acting soulfully in the world and more. Contained within these pages are the love and wisdom from leading healers and guides, those who have known the terrain of awakening to who we truly are.

This wonderful collection of essays and stories touches the heart and opens the mind to greater depths of spiritual realization. The profound messages are easy to read and penetrate into the core of your being. If you want to feel the blessings of wise souls and support along the transformational way, this book is a must.

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Reviewer: A reader
A treasury of wisdom! I read the book straight through when I bought it, and find myself returning to it daily for one more taste. This is a wonderful gift book to give to those who are exploring spiritually; it introduces the reader to a wide range of our foremost thinkers and teachers from many spiritual and healing paths.

A Gift to my Spirit,
Reviewer: Wilma Heckler, New York NY
" Soulful Living" is a gift to my spirit and my humanity. It is compilation of the wisdom of possibility gathered with deep dedication. It reflects a quest in honor of soul's search for expression. The teachings of the significant spiritual leaders of our time have been sought out, studied and honored. They have discussed their work or written related articles so that all of us benefit from their wisdom. As a collection of the most articulate, passionate, resonate work, "Soulful Living" functions as a guide to my spiritual needs as they emerge. For the moment I am immersed in the task of using my life learning as elder and contributing it with love to the next generation. An interview in "Soulful Living" with Marianne Williamson is the piece I turn to for exploring my own concerns. Each section of this book can be read and re-read as I seek guidance in finding a path through the complexity of being spiritually alive. By: Wilma Heckler, Ph.D. (Professor of Education and Author of the forthcoming book "Loving the Minds of Children")

Reviewer: A reader
SOULFUL LIVING is a collection of articles, interviews and short pieces that have appeared in Personal Transformation Magazine. This book is a treasury of wisdom from the likes of Deepak Chopra, Larry Dossey, M.D., Jean Houston, Thich Nhat Hanh, Dean Ornish, Bernie Siegal, Marianne Willianmson, and others of humanity's visionaries. The various pieces will bring a tear, a smile, and often, a new dedication to growth. Highly recommended!

Help For Life's Frustrations,
Reviewer: Beverly Lorenz, Texas
Thank you for one of the best and most meaningful books, "Soulful Living," that I have read in a long time. I make it a practice to read a section from this anthology each morning to better start my day. I have been increasingly more interested and intent on learning my life's purpose. Several selections seem to address the issues I am presently experiencing and have made me hopeful that I will soon bring resolution to some current frustrations.